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The words didn't change. He knew that no matter how long he stared at this note, it wouldn't give him any new information. It was all they had and it was better than nothing, only because it told them that Chloe was in danger.

Ryan set the note down and looked at what he had written in the notebook. Remember what Merriman said regarding the Truth Spell.

There was no logical reason for him to keep coming back to that thought, but he did. Ryan hadn't taken his advice at the time, preferring his method of avoiding people. Now, he wished he had if just to know whether it was possible to get around the effects of the Truth Spell.

"Find please no control."

He chewed on his thumb nail, dissecting the note again and wishing he had a cigarette on him. "Find please", Ryan mused, was easy enough to figure out. " control..." Over what? Don't let someone else control something? Someone? This person has no control? Chloe has no control?

"Woman. Like him." Like who? Who is this woman? Who did this?

Pulling his notebook closer he looked at his list, wondering if there was something overlooking.

- Ramon Salazar. Would hurt Chloe if she pissed him off enough. But what are the chances he'd keep quiet about it? Why kill her if no one would notice?
- Nina Myers. Assuming Chloe's killer was a woman. She only kills for her job and to protect her own ass.
- Stephen Saunders. Could do it and keep quiet but has no reason to go after Chloe.
- Mandy/Miranda. In cells. Like Nina - wouldn't kill Chloe except for job.
- Jasin Natael/Asmodean. Has threatened Chloe before, could kill her. "No control" Hasn't been in the bar? Ask Nita.
- Rhalen Lyngar/Ishamael. Would and could kill Chloe. "No control" could also apply here. Wouldn't know when he was in the bar. People who have met him, other than self, - Jack, Ramon, Behrooz and Nita.

Other Associates
- Bill. (Lastname?) Wizard, that's all that's known. Is/was friends with Chloe.
- Sawyer. Nothing known. Is/was friends with Chloe.

He lingered over Nina's name, though logically he knew there were more reasons for her not to be involved.

"Woman. Like him."

With a sigh, he pushes back from the desk. He needed to get some cigarettes and maybe a stiff drink.
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