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Previous questions from [ profile] questionthepups. (I'm switiching off between him and [ profile] geeky_agent so they each get every other week.)

Current questions (and answers) can be found here.

1. Who is your character's confidant?

There's a few people that Ryan's shared a lot with but Elaine, his wife, is the person he's completely open and honest with.

2. Is your character married? Does he have a lover, significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend?

Yes, Elaine LeBlanke Chappelle. They've been married for almost five months.

3. Whom does your character live with?

His wife, Elaine, and David, a young boy that Elaine took in several months ago.

4. If you were to use the speed dial function on your character's telephone, who would answer?

No one, because he doesn't have a phone. Since he's Bound to Milliways, he doesn't have much use for a phone either.

5. How does your character feel about his co-workers? What are they like? Heh. That's a complicated question. Many of his co-workers have or are in Milliways so Ryan's been able to get to know them outside of work. When they worked together he often found them frustrating. All of them. But now he thinks of them as friends and he really respects and cares for them.

6. To whom did your character give birthday presents last year, and what did he give them?

Ryan sucks at gifts. At least on the days when you're supposed to give them. I don't think he got Lainey anything and Chris didn't want anything for her birthday (except, maybe, lots of liquor). If David had a birthday between October to now, then he surely got a gift. But everyone else? They probably got a, "Happy Birthday" because Ryan likely didn't know it was their birthday till they told him.

7. What did your character receive for his last birthday?

Nothing. Very few people knew it was his birthday and he was out of the bar anyway. His daughter and Elaine would know that he wouldn't want anything, he doesn't ask since his birthday is so close to Christmas and he knows that's a bother for most people. But he doesn't really want much anyway, spending time with his new bride would have been more than enough.

15. Is your character a "regular" anywhere? What do the other people there think of him?

Yes, at Milliways Bar. Most probably don't know him that well and the few that do probably know him in relation to someone they know better. "Elaine's husband, Tony or Jack's friend" etc. How they think of him is probably influenced by their opinion of Elaine, Tony, Jack or whoever but the general consensus seems to be, "he seems like a nice guy."

16. If your character went to a zoo and didn't have time to see everything, which animals would he look at?

If Ryan were at the zoo, it would be because Elaine or David or someone wanted to go. Therefore, he would go see whatever he wanted to see because the only animals that he has any interest in are dogs and they don't tend to have those in zoos.

17. When your character goes shopping, which stores does he frequent?

Well, he doesn't have much need to shop anymore. When he did he tended to frequent online sites because they were easier with his schedule and disdain for interacting with people more than necessary. But for actual, physical stores it would probably be the grocery store, the Men's Warehouse or nearest department store for clothes (it doesn't matter much to him), Borders for books and somewhere like Sharper Image for gadgets.

18. What is your character's financial situation? How does he feel about it?

Something most people don't know about him? Ryan's pretty wealthy. Thanks to a very well-paying job on Wall Street when he was younger, some smart investments both on the market and in real estate and his tendency to be...frugal, he had quite a nest egg saved up.

As for how he feels, the closest word to describe it would be something between "satisfied" and "at peace" but there's also a tinge of anger. Ryan grew up kind of poor and it wasn't till he was an adult that he had any kind of financial security not to mention real wealth.

19. What hobbies did your character have once, but has since given up on?

There aren't that many that I can think of, he didn't have that many hobbies as a kid that didn't carry over to adulthood like his interest in astronomy or books. The only thing that comes to mind is collecting baseball cards, he obviously doesn't do that anymore. (Though he'd still be interested if he found a really rare one.)

20. Has your character ever been fired from a job? If so, why?

No. Assuming he could keep his temper/attitude in check, Ryan was likely considered a model employee by most of his employers. He's hard-working, punctual, responsible and ambitious.

21. Has your character ever quit a job? If so, why?

One. He worked with Morgan Stanley for several years and quit to join the CIA. His job with Morgan Stanley was very lucrative but very unsatisfying. There wasn't much purpose to it other than making money by helping other people making money and Ryan wanted something more.

29. What item does your character wish he possessed that he doesn't? How badly does he want it and what would he do to get it?

There's no material thing that Ryan wants that much. He'd like to be alive again, though not as much as he used to. He's grown more accepting of the situation with time. He's like to see his kids again.

• Think back to when your character was five years old, eight years old, twelve years old.
Write a holiday gift wish-list from his point of view.

I don't think Ryan would have asked for that much, especially as he got a little older. Not that he didn't want lots of things but he wouldn't expect to get most of them so eventually he'd learn not to ask or focus on the things he'd really want. The big thing would probably be a bike, some sports equipment (which he probably got, except for hockey stuff). He probably wanted some other stuff, like a telescope, but he didn't get that because it was too expensive and no one else hand it for him to get as a hand-me-down.

• How does your character feel about physical possessions in a general sense?

They're really nice to have and they are something he wouldn't do without but, overall, they're not that important to him.

30. What is your character's most treasured possession? I don't think he has one, aside from both his wedding rings and some pictures of his family. Everything else can be replaced.

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