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With one last drag on his cigarette, Ryan drops it on a stone and snuffs it out under his foot. His hand immediately goes to the small pack of Camels beside him, reaching for another. But when he opens it, he finds it empty.

Sighing, he collects the small pile of cigarette butts at his feet, dumping them back into the carton. That done, he takes a long drink from his water bottle, his throat dry.

He could go back inside, he'd have to eventually, but he won't. Not after that incident with Chase.

Absently, Ryan pulls at the flared cuffs of his jeans. At least this time, he wasn't stuck in dresses and heels. The bar had given him jeans, a tank top with some sort of shelf bra-type thing sewn inside and a short-sleeved black shirt. Or blouse. His shoes were simple black slip-ons.

He hadn't had a chance to cut his hair again so Elaine had pulled it back into a ponytail. Something she probably found weirder than he did since he'd at least been through this before. He's been determined to hack the damn thing off but that was until he ran into Chase and now, Ryan would prefer to let him think it was Audrey he'd run into. Unfair, maybe, but so was the fact that he was a woman. Again.

The fact that he wasn't the only one should help but it didn't. Not really. His beautiful daughter was now his handsome son and that just made him curse Milliways a little more. Though Chris didn't care. She had mentioned that Jack had run into the same spell but Ryan hadn't had a chance to see him yet.

At least Elaine was still the right gender. Not that it made much difference right now.
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