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With Kim following behind him, Ryan reaches Chloe's door. Like before, he knocks loudly on the door and calls, "Chloe? Are you in there? Chloe?"

Like before, he's met with silence.

He frowns and glances briefly at Kim while he slides the key out from the envelope. He inserts the key, turns it and pushes the door open but pauses before walking in. The room is dark so he flips on a switch, his stomach tensing slightly in anticipation of what they might see.

With the light on, they can see that the room is undisturbed. Furniture is all in place, bed is still made. There are some books and other errata on the dresser. He walks further in her room, pushing open the bathroom door. Aside from a towel that had slid off the rack, nothing was out of place.

The only thing unusual was the layer of dust that covered everything, even the bed. The sheets were dusty and stiff from not having been moved in a while.

Nothing was out of place in the room, it just looked abandoned.
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Ryan was more than happy to watch Elaine, his wife, try to learn the hula. She watched her dance instructor dance and mimicked the same movements with an easy grace and a smile on her face.

He could pass the rest of the afternoon like this.

The problem was, Elaine wanted him to dance too.
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After dinner, Ryan and Elaine were walking on the beach, just talking to each other. The sun was setting, fading into the ocean and lighting the sky in orange and pink.

It had rained earlier, so the beach wasn't as crowded as it normally was. Just a few people other people besides themselves and a musician nearby playing a familiar song. They reached the secluded area where weddings were performed without realizing it.

Or maybe this had been their destination all along.

[OOC: Song above is Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World.]
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They walk through the bar door and suddenly find themselves walking through a hotel room door.

The room is large, painted in dusky reddish-orange. It's furnished with with a living area complete with a couch, two chairs a table and a flat screen tv. On one side of them is the mini-bar area and on the other there is the bedroom with an adjoining bathroom.

Right in front of them, through the sliding doors, is a small patio and the beach beyond it. It's a clear view of the ocean.

Ryan turns towards Elaine, smiling. "Merry Christmas."
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Blah blah blah gobble gobble blah.
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Ryan was born December 30, 1959 in a middle-class neighborhood in Queens. His father, John, owned two small businesses and his mom, Maggie, was a homemaker. Ryan was the youngest of the three Chappelle children, he has an older sister (Anne) and brother (Sean). When he was about two-years old Ryan contracted a milder form of paralytic polio that delayed his development and gave him life-long problems such as muscle weakness and fatigue. He spent much of his early years seeing doctors and spending time in hospitals. Naturally, a shy and introverted child, this made him even more so and retreated into a world of books and writing.

He was accepted to NYU's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts where he studied Dramatic Writing. Ryan proved to be that rare animal, a talented writer who was willing to accept criticism and changes to his work. Maybe too willing. While at NYU he met Vicky Keller, the two entered into a relationship shortly afterwards and Vicky became pregnant. During their final year of college they were married and their daughter, Christine, was born. Ryan took a job writing for a local children's show to support his family, while Vicky look after their young daughter. Vicky had a hard time adjusting to the sudden change in her life, she was clinically depressed and thought her music career was over before it had even begun. After being married less than two years, she entered into an affair with one of her former classmates. Ryan knew about the affair before she told him but tried to ignore it. That was no longer an option when she told him she was leaving. The two divorced and Ryan was granted custody of Christine.

It wasn't long after this that Ryan lost his screenwriting job when the show was revamped. He took odd jobs, like bartending, to support himself and his daughter while working on his pet project, a semi-autobiographical screenplay about a single father raising a young daughter. It was a touching and insightful piece and he was shy about showing it to anyone. Eventually, an actress friend of him asked if she could show his screenplay to some friends out in Hollywood. The producers loved it and asked Ryan to come out to LA so they could work out a deal. They said the screenplay was "practically perfect" it just needed "a few small changes".

First, instead of taking it as a tv movie they wanted to produce it as a television series so the screenplay would have to be adapted accordinly. And instead of an hour-long dramatic series, Ryan was told it would "work better" as a sitcom. Moreover, the whole affair and divorced thing wasn't cutting it, "makes the guy look like a loser" instead he'll be a widower and rather than an infant daughter she should be about five. "Babies are boring to watch after a while." Finally, Ryan was told that while "Mike Hensley" is a great all American name, Maggie for the kid sounded too old-fashioned. They were changing the name to Brittany.

After seeing all the changes Ryan was wary of accepting their offer but he realized that they could very well make the same sitcom now without him if they just changed the character names. Besides, at the very least he could use this as a stepping stone. He accepted and his daughter was later cast in the lead role of "Brittany Hensley". "Just the Two of Us" soon went into production and was given ABC's coveted slot for sitcoms, Friday nights. It was an instant hit and continued on the network, in the same slot, for several years as one of its most popular shows.

With the show and Chris' job providing a steady income, Ryan also had time to work on other scripts. Most he didn't sell but there were a few that he did, always with a "few small changes". Easily intimidated and just plain desparate for a job he accepted these changes even while it rendered his work unrecognizable. Most of the screenplays went on to be the unnoticed, interchangable sort of dreck that gets released during the slow months and turns a decent profit. One film however, garnered lasting fame when it was featured in Roger Ebert's book "I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie!" The title of the book came from the opening line for Ebert's review of the movie which began, "I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it."

It wasn't exactly the high point of Ryan's resume.

Around this time, "Just the Two of Us" ended its run and Chris started to get into more trouble. Her partying and drinking had gotten out of hand but there wasn't much Ryan felt he could do to stop her. Some of her favorite threats involved her telling him that she'd seek legal emancipation and he was worried about the kind of trouble she could get into without him around. So he accepted it when she partied all night, dated men several years her senior, and started using drugs only intervening when it became serious. Which it did, several times.

Depressed and desparate for a steady job, he was surprised when Jack Bauer showed interest in his work. He offered Ryan a job as his "personal assistant" with the promise that it would be temporary, the market "wasn't right" for one of his screenplays but they just needed to "give it time". Ryan believes him despite the evidence to the contrary because he did help him out when Ryan was at a low point, not to mention helping Chris' career and Jack's relationship with Chris. He knows Jack's not a nice guy but well, then again, look at how far that got Ryan? The "nice" don't survive long in Hollywood.

One of the perks of the latest project is that it brings Ryan in closer proximity to Elaine Le Blanke. It's not too hard to discern Ryan's feelings for the actress by the way he starts smiling nervously and even stammering on the few occassions he speaks to her. But he's not (completely) delusional, Ryan knows she's out of league.

Final note: AU!Ryan is slightly different in appearance from Milliways!Ryan. He slightly shorter, standing at about 5'6, thinner at about 140lbs and he wears a toupee.

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Ryan enters Room #12. Elaine isn't in there but David is.

Well, it's as good a time as any for them to meet.
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His sleep had been dreamless, which he was grateful for. He hadn't slept that well though and he was sure Elaine hadn't either.

Ryan had avoided her today, he knew she must be worried and part of the reason he had come out here was to find her and talk to her. But then he had stopped by the lake and got lost in thought, lost remembering everything he saw.

He really should talk to Elaine but he's not sure what to tell her.
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Heaven )
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Y'all can ignore this, this is just so I can keep some stuff straight in my head. )


- Ryan - the ambitious, workaholic who always played by the rules, always did what his superiors wanted (supposably), put the job before anything - held the same job for 14 YEARS. The only job he was ever referred to as having in the show (Regional Director of Division) the only job he's ever referred to as having in the book The same, exact, job for FOURTEEN YEARS.

How the fuck did that happen and what does it mean?

There's a story there, figure it out.

- Vicky and school. When did she go (the why and where will follow once that's figured out.) Would she have gone at 18? Would her working-class parents really think it a priority to pay for their daughter to go to school. (Expecially when they have three sons all around the same age as Vicky and if they had to choose.)

- Did Ryan and Vicky have a shotgun wedding or not? 20ish is not an unusual age to get married but when he's in school and still supporting his mom and brother (who would be about 11 now) would he really be thinking to get married and have a kid when he doesn't even have a degree and a full-time job? What's most realistic here?
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[OOC: From here.]

Ryan stepped through the door, at first into darkness, and was overtaken by vertigo and the feeling of his legs giving out underneath him. But he didn't fall, he was already seated.

He blinked, no longer in darkness but rather surrounded by the light of the early morning sun. He could feel the sweat on his brow even though the air here was much cooler and his heart still pounded an unsteady beat. Outwardly, he seemed a little jumpy and it took every ounce of self-control for him to manage that but inside he was still trying to understand what was happening here.

That's why it took him a few moments to recognize where he was. The early morning sun. The blue suit he's now wearing. The helicopter he was sitting in.

Blankly, Ryan stared out at the quiet trainyard. The black van already there, Saunders' men were waiting to pick up his corpse.

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[OOM: After the date.]

Elaine's breathing was soft and steady, her body curled next to his in the bed. His fingers drew light, lazy circles on her bare back while he stared at the ceiling.

They hadn't finished this movie either.

His fault, really. He didn't know how much time he had before he left, the door was a constant in his thoughts even waking him from his sleep. Like now. Ryan didn't have the patience to spend time watching a movie when he could be spending that time with her.

But now, as she was asleep, the only thought on his mind was the door. It was difficult to explain, it was almost as if it was a compulsion. Even though he dreaded what was on the otherside, dreaded leaving Elaine and Chris, he wanted to go downstairs and open that door.

He pulled away from Elaine - slowly, so as not to wake her - and got up from the bed. Ryan sat there for a few moments, picking up the pendant from the nightable and turning it over in his hands. Maybe the Bar can fix the clasp. Ryan sets it down for a moment and gets dressed, pulling on the clothes he wore before his date with Elaine.

Ryan picks up the pendant and puts it in his pocket. He watches Elaine sleep for a moment before leaning over and gently kissing her cheek. "Love you."

Then he leaves the room, heading downstairs for a drink.
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Ryan's outside, by the lake, in spot shaded by the trees.

Despite the darkness it's not hard to spot him. He's the one pacing back and forth with a lit cigarette between his lips.

He had hoped that he and been seeing things. The first thing he had done this morning when waking up was go downstairs and check to see if the door was there.

It was and his heart fell.

He had sat in the bar for a bit, feeling a little lost before deciding to walk over to the door. He had been afraid, as much as he hates to admit, even to himself. His only knowledge of the door came from Elaine's experiences and he was wary of getting anywhere near it.

But his curiosity won over his fear and he did walk up to the door. Touching the wood and metal to convince himself that it was real. He even turned the doorknob and whatever small hopes he had died when he realized it was unlocked.

Ryan briefly tried to convince himself that it was a door to another universe. Or that maybe he'd come back. Elaine had.

But somehow he knew he wouldn't and he was so afraid of what was beyond that door.
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Ryan turned another doorknob and frowned when he found that this door was also locked. )

Ryan woke up suddenly and it took a few moments for him to realize it had been a dream. He closed his eyes briefly, then opened them and looked around the room. It was early morning, probably just after sunrise.

He looked over at Elaine, still sleeping, and felt a pang of guilt but he wasn't sure why. For loving Elaine? Or for missing Vicky?

The morning air was cold and he leaned over to pull the covers up around Elaine's shoulder, kissing her forehead softly when he did. She stirred but didn't wake up and he laid down again.

But even though staying in bed with Elaine was preferable to - well, anything - he was feeling too restless and wide awake. With an annoyed sigh he got out of bed and walked around the room aimlessly. He looked over the books in the bookcase, none that he really wanted to read. He walked over to the closet and opened it, finding a dark suit inside - including a black vest, a crisp white shirt, silk tie and dress shoes.

It was a surprisingly normal outfit as far as Milliways wedding attire went.

Ryan closed the closet and looked around the room. He wasn't hungry and no one would be up at this hour. With one more glance towards the bed, Ryan decided he should go for a jog.
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Ryan's sitting outside by the lake, in some quiet spot he found that's not too far from the bar but not too far into the woods.

There's a slight breeze that ripples the water near the shore. It's warm out. Pleasant, not hot, and this adds to a general feeling of contentment. The past few days had been good, despite some lingering thoughts of what he'd seen on the dvd.

But he had said everything he needed to say about those. He picks at a blade of grass. Or almost everything.

No, everything. He had nothing more to say to Jack about the subject.

He looked out at the water, remembering the time he taught Elaine how to swin and how they had spent the rest of the afternoon.

There were still things that made him upset, that angered him about this place but every time he thought about her and about seeing Chris again, the rest seemed worth it.

Ryan frowned a little remembering how quite and moody Chris had seemed at breakfast the other day. He hadn't been able to get much out of her but he assumed it had something to do with Jack.

I'll have to ask her straight out, when I see her again. He wasn't looking forward to this and he tried to push it out of his mind. He just didn't want to think about it now.
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